Visit of the Research Team Member visit at the University of Siena

From 11 July to 18 July 2018, a member of the research team Assistant Professor Antonija Zubović stayed at the Faculty of Law University of Siena (Italia), with the purpose of conducting a research related to this project. The purpose of the stay was to examine the Italian model of restructuring of the large companies in difficulties. Italy has developed special, tailor-made extraordinary administration for large businesses in distress, which is also relevant for Croatia in the light of the application of the Act on Extraordinary Administration Proceeding in Companies of Systemic Significance for the Republic of Croatia. The results of the scientific research will be presented at the international scientific conference, which will take place in October this year within the framework of this project. Furthermore, the scientific paper concerning Italian and other selected comparative models of preventive restructurings for the companies in difficulties, developed in co-authorship with Full Professor Edita Čulinović-Herc and Assistant Professor Mihaela Braut Filipović, will be published in a scientific journal.