Study visit of the reserach team member

From 1 May to 29 July 2016, a member of the research team Nikolina Grković stayed at the European University Institute in Florence, with the purpose of conducting a research related to this project. The visit was also a part of scientific training of the team member.


One of the objectives of the research was an examination of specific legal issues regarding the regulation of alternative investment funds, having in mind specificities of venture capital fund industry. The results of the research are to be used as a bases for a paper on AIF’s activism, made in coautorship with a team member dr. sc Mihaela Braut Filipović and dr. sc. Morana Derenčinović Ruk. Second part of the research focused on existing legal comparative approaches of certain member states in regulation of crowdinvesting as a specific form of financial innovation, in order to critically analyse and evaluate possible legal mechanisms employed and required to resolve practical and theoretical legal issues. It also encompassed relevant sources of European Capital Market Law, including existing proposals regarding the possible amendments. The second part is also a segment of the broader scientific research within the doctoral thesis of the team member.