Golob2Boris Golob
, Mag.Ing.Mech.E., has been management consultant for more than 15 years, leading Croatian expert in business model innovation, product and services innovation methodologies and commercialization strategies. He is a Certified Business Model Canvas Trainer; Outcome Driven Innovation Specialist; EFQM excellence assessor; SME Management and Innovation Consultant by HAMAG-BICRO – the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investment; Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Expert evaluator, UNDP Innovation Management Consultant and the CEO of Science and Technology Rark of University of Rijeka. Boris Golob worked on innovation projects in various industries from biotech to shipbuilding, from low-tech & traditional to high-tech & new age. He uses latest management science and innovation theories in his work with start-ups (trying to create something new), incumbent companies (trying to redefine and expand their existing businesses) and scientists (looking for markets and users for their discoveries).


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