M. Braut Filipović: Legal position and liability of depositary of UCITS funds

In this book Dr. Mihaela Braut Filipović analyses the investments in UCITS funds from the legal aspect. UCITS funds are the most popular type of investment funds in the European Union, which is a trend followed in the Republic of Croatia as well. Although the emphasis is put on the position and liability of depositary of these funds, the book also includes a civil law analysis of legal relations in the so-called investment triangle – made of management company, depositary and investors. The book contains author’s de lege ferenda suggestions how to improve protection of small investors, primarily through leveling the interests of investors with the interests of management companies and depositaries. The book provides an overview of how the European law, including the most pertinent court decisions, influenced development of UCITS funds and the legislation in Croatia. The book derives from the doctoral thesis written under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Edita Čulinović-Herc and Prof. Dr. Petar Miladin. It may serve as basis for further scientific research, but may also be consulted by practitioners when looking for answers they face in the investment business.


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