I. Kunda: Internationally Mandatory Rules of a Third Country in the European Contract Confict of Laws

This book is focused on the phenomenon of the internationally mandatory rules, in particular those of a third country, which the author Ivana Kunda began to research when writing her master thesis. In addition to proffering a comparative overview of the historical development of the conflict of law jurisprudence and case law related to the methodology of internationally mandatory rules, this book deals with the contemporary aspects of the method extensively. The sections discussing the relations among different sorts of (internationally) mandatory rules as well as their functional and methodological interrelationship to other rules/methods of conflict of laws are of immense value. Another capturing feature is the references made constantly throughout the book to the new provisions proposed, and subsequently adopted in a slightly modified verion, at the European Union level. This book may serve as an important source for both legislators and judiciaries in their efforts to comprehend and properly apply European law or simply take it as a source of inspiration.


The full text is available for download here.