XXIV Lawyers Conference Petar Simonetti

The 24th Petar Simonetti conference was traditionally held in the Hotel Diamant, in Poreč, from 11 to 13 April 2018. The conference was organized by the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law, in cooperation with the High Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia and the Croatian Public Notary Chamber. Seven team members submitted their presentations of research project’s results at the conference. Assist. Prof. Antonija Zubović in cooperation with Prof. dr. Saša Prelič from the Faculty of Law, University of Maribor, discussed the issue of LBO transactions. Prof. Dr. Edita Čulinović-Herc and Assist. Prof. Mihaela Braut Filipović, in collaboration with Sonja Marinac Rumora, Judge of the Commercial Court in Pazin, presented on the corporate governance issues in closed companies. Prof. Dr. Nataša Žunić Kovačević addressed the challenges related to the advance pricing agreements in the area of transfer pricing, while Prof. Dr. Dionis Juric spoke on the Directive on statutory audits of annual and consolidated accounts and on Regulation on specific requirements regarding statutory audit of public-interest entities. Asisst. Prof. Vlatka Butorac Malnar addressed the topic of the new criteria for determining excessive prices in the practice of the European Court of Justice and Prof. Dr. Ivana Kunda elaborated the topic on the law applicable for the infringement of competition law. Conference programme is available here.